Knowledge management for the unlisted real estate market

Indirex is the knowledge manager for the private real estate funds market.  It has two distinct roles, improving access to publicly-available information as well as enabling the secure exchange of confidential information.  These initiatives collectively support Indirex’s mission to add transparency and improve the investor appeal of the industry.

Immo-Gen       connecting you to your market - our global research product

Immo-Vault     connecting you to your data - our unique secure data exchange product

Immo-Room    connecting managers and investors - our industry leading document room product


our leading global research product

Global DatabaseImmo-Gen -  "the search engine for unlisted real estate"

We aim to hold the most comprehensive global database of unlisted real estate funds and related information available. Compiled from public sources and manager interviews, we can save you days of research effort.  Information on over 4,000 funds from over 2,500 managers worldwide.  Soon to be released as a free access on-line application

 Find out more about our global database »                   Visit >>   The "search-engine" for unlisted real estate

Primary Capital Raising MonitorsImmo-Gen - Primary Capital Raising Monitor

The mosty up to the minute intelligence on primary capital raisings across the globe, supported by monthly and quarterly downloadable reports.  Our database of the detailed raising stages for funds grows daily.

See our primary capital raising monitor in action »

Immo-Gen Daily NewsImmo-Gen - Daily News

Let us save you time, we filter the most important relevant news about the global unlisted real estate market and deliver it to your inbox daily. Connect back to the source articles and relevant links.

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our innovative knowledge management solution for the Industry

Immo-VaultImmo-Vault for Fund Managers

Unique new utility helping fund manager satisfy increasing data requests from Investors, Consultants, internal risk reporting and AIFMD regulatory reporting

Find out more about Immo-Vault for Fund Managers».

Immo-VaultImmo-Vault for Investors

Unique new utility helping Investors collate the data responses from Fund Managers for internal and external reporting.

Find out more about Immo-Vault for Investors ».


our industry leading secure data rooms.

Secure Fund Manager SuitesImmo-Room - Secure fund manager suites and fund showcase

Secure due diligence data suites hosted for major fund houses. For investors, a single login provides instant access to multiple funds, in a familiar format, in one place. For fund managers Immo-Room offers a powerful and secure investor reporting system and an opportunity to showcase funds to an extensive investor audience.

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